Thank you!

WE ARE FUNDED! Spice up your life with My Mom’s Mole has met its tilt goal!

Thank you backers. We couldn’t have done this without each and everyone of you (114 and counting!) We are so excited.

These guys are retiring soon…

Stretch Goals – visit our campaign page on Barnraiser

Now that we’ve tilted, there are a few other projects in the pipeline, and it would be amazing to see them come closer to fruition:

  • Beginning our partnership with a local farm on a pilot program aimed at growing organic chile peppers.  For $1000, we can get this started and reduce the investment required by the farm.
  • We want to diversify our product line by adding another smaller packaging size (4 oz). For $2000, we can have the packaging designed and order an initial test-run supply.
  • One of biggest questions asked about our product is whether it’s on the sweet side or on the spicy/savory side. We want to develop two new recipes (one sweeter and one spicier) so that people can have more choices for their dishes.  Our current product is on the savory side and just mildly spicy. $1000 more dollars would make it happen.
  • Our final goal is selling our products at local farmers markets. With $2000, we can get all of the necessary permits and materials to sell at two markets per week.

We have ONE WEEK left in the campaign.

Invite your friends and social networks to support our campaign.  

Here are 4 simple steps to amplify your impact AND receive a gift basket.

  1. Log in on Barnraiser and go to the Spice up your life with My Mom’s Mole project page (
  2. Click on SHARE this PROJECT
  3. Copy the link and share with all your friends via email and Facebook.  You will be credited when they use that link to back our project.
  4. If FIVE people use your link to back the campaign with pledges of $50 or more, we will send you one of the incubator gift baskets (regardless of your reward tier) when the campaign ends.

Thank you again for your support! Let us know if you have questions.

Cesario & the My Mom’s Mole team