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Guanajuato-style (savory) mole is our specialty.

Mole means sauce. We like to call mole the Mexican version of a curry sauce. Our varieties are complex, versatile, and authentic. Many people associate mole with chocolate, but the truth is mole comes in many colors and variations.

In retail and wholesale, our traditional mole is available as a powder. You can simply add it as a spice for a marinade or simmer it with your favorite stock to make mole sauce. It is easy to incorporate into a variety of dishes. Our mole is vegetarian and vegan-friendly! Buy it online here.

Our founder

Cesario Ruiz created My Mom’s Mole to focus on sustaining traditional Mexican cuisine using responsibly sourced ingredients.  He launched it in 2013 and now distributes it to specialty grocery stores throughout the Bay Area.

Growing up in Andocutin, Guanajuato, a small village in Mexico, better known as El Bajio (one of the richest zones in the agricultural and livestock production), Cesario comes from a traditional family where cooking formed part of the quotidian life. It was at the age of 11 that he asked his mother to let him cook a meal for the entire family (he has eight siblings!). With mom’s guidance and support, he was able to accomplish his goal. His passion for cooking was just getting started.

His first official food service-related job was as a dishwasher in a commercial kitchen. His interest for cooking made him advance in the kitchen, and after a few months in the restaurant he was promoted to the prep station, then to cook and finally, store manager. With limited room for growth in that position, he decided to explore other options. He worked for two prominent local businesses while mastering the financial and administrative sides of food service. Ultimately, this led him to create My Mom’s Mole.

Currently, his time is spent on building his brand while also working as Facility Manager for the kitchen incubator operated by the El Pájaro Community Development Corporation—a non-profit organization based in Watsonville, California that offers (among other services) no-cost technical assistance to local entrepreneurs developing their own food products and brands.

He believes fundamentally that the best way to create stronger connections between people is to share anything you excel at—pay it forward.

Cesario thanking everyone at July's Mysteries of Mole Unlocked class at Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park.

Cesario thanking everyone at July’s Mysteries of Mole Unlocked class at Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park.

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